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Offer Valid Till 30th April


IIncome by 10xx

Level Up Your Career with AI-Powered Skills! In just 2 hours

Get a exciting Bonus and Study material

Detail notes of the Program & learn how to give advanced prompts using chat GPT. 


Also, get some exciting bonuses like Presentations, Strategies,

and so on.

Get certified as a ChatGPT


Start Your Journey Today

Use AI for Automation

You can generate any code and create a stunning program using Chat GPY

ChatGPT with 17+ Tools 

With the help of our 17+ AI tools, we help our learners learn ChatGPT with unparalleled ease. 

ChatGPT for Content Writers

Now you can create any content writing like Blogs and social media ad copies. website content and so on. 

Save your time if your using MS Office

Create stunning Presentations, and Excel reports with insane dashboards and visualization. 

Create your own Song

Time to impress your loved ones with your own words and create a stunning song with just few words and reference songs 

AI for Creative Space

You will be shocked if you are a Graphic designer, Video editor, or Creative designer, Look how AI can reduce your productive time. 

AI for Business Owners

Write any kind of cold emailing tricks and create an industry-trending Pitch presentation within a few minutes. 

Here it is what you will learn from this Course

Get a chance to Increase your Income by 10x and Generate the sources of Passive Income.

Create a Powerful Presentation within less than 10 minutes. And Impress your bosses.

Now you can become a Professional coder using AI.  Without any prior knowledge.

Say Goodbye to multiple hours of research and generate the product within a few minutes.

Why should enroll in this program?

Save your precious Time If your using these Tools

Who Should Take this Program?

If you're a Freelancer

and want to work with

leading brands

If you're a Technology

enthusiast and willing

to upskill with new trends

If you're a passionate

about Marketing and generating new ideas to grow brands.

If you're a Business founder or startup man. This program will help you to grow organically.

Why you should Invest your 3 Hours?

Job Security:

The rise of Chat GPT has sparked debates about job security. Diversified skills are your safety net in an ever-changing job market, ensuring you're adaptable and in demand.

Income Potential:

With these versatile skills, you can potentially increase your earning potential by offering a broader range of services.


In the rapidly evolving world of work, investing 3 hours in this program is a step toward staying relevant and resilient in your career.

Competitive Advantage:

Employers value professionals who can wear multiple hats. This program allows you to stand out by showcasing a diverse skill set that goes beyond traditional job roles.

Tools you will learn


Why Chat GPT? and Why Now?

Credit by Stanford 

How will ChatGPT change the way we think and work? Stanford scholar examines

Credit by The Economics Times 

Is AI-enabled ChatGPT a boon or a bane for the edtech industry?

Credit by Mint

How ChatGPT is going to change the future of Work and our approach to education

Supercharge Your Earnings:

No Job Stealing, Only Job Saving!

With 10x Productivity

ChatGPT isn't here to replace; it's here to enhance. Working 10 times faster to save you hours every day. Your role becomes more meaningful, strategic, and rewarding. Ready to redefine your career and income? Join the ChatGPT revolution today. Your journey to mastery starts here – where efficiency meets excellence, and your success knows no bounds.

Here it is Top company employees already obtained this program 

  • Our workshop covers a wide range of topics suitable for marketers, programmers, designers, product managers, entrepreneurs, founders, and data analysts. You'll gain valuable insights into chat GPT applications, its tools, and practical skills applicable to various professions.

    • The workshop is designed to be completed in 2 to 3 hours. You have the flexibility to join the lectures according to your schedule and from any location. Even if you're stuck in a job, you can participate in the program at your convenience.

  • The program fee is only 199 INR. This cost includes access to the workshop, program data, and notes. It's a one-time fee, providing you with comprehensive learning materials and valuable insights.

  • To register, simply visit our landing page, check out the tools and program details, and then proceed to the registration section. Fill in your details, submit the program fee (equivalent to the cost of one burger), and you'll be all set to start the exciting program.

  • You will receive the program data and notes within 48 hours of completing your registration. These materials will be delivered to the email address you provide during the registration process.

  • If you have any additional questions or need support, please contact our customer support team at]. We're here to help!

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